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Untamed Africa is a famous for its beautiful grasslands, its snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro and its brave warriors the Masais. These seven-foot tall tribesmen from the Great Rift Valley go around in bright red clothing, spears in hand, looking noble and fearsome, wild and sexy. In the grasslands, they wrestle with ferocious beasts; in the sports arenas, they and their countrymen conquer one Olympic gold after another, with Thomas Odoyo winning the world cricket championship in 2006. Since then, the name Odoyo has come to signify all that is daring, wholesome, natural and avant-grade. ODOYO is an American brand born in Los Angeles around since 2003. Its primary products are high-tech earphones and multimedia sound systems. It has pioneered many Apple peripherals and some fashionable digital products much appreciated by consumers around the world.  

In the word ODOYO

  • The first O is a digital switch, which means "On & off"
  • The second O is a button, symbol of "trendiness"
  • The Third O is and ancient coin, symbol of "wealth"
  • The second letter is D for Deer, " the graceful impala deer"
  • The fourth letter is Y, shaped like a leaf, symbolizing "Africa's beautiful world of nature".
Therefore ODOYO is so rich in content that if you own ODOYO you own everything !