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iThermie – Smart Thermometer

iThermie – Smart Thermometer

  • 2 in 1 infrared measurement approaches (either forehead or ear)
  • Fast accurate Result (within 1 – 3 seconds)
  • Smallest and light weight
  • Instant connect to your smart device
  • Free application available on iOS and Android operating system
  • Easy to read and operate interface
  • Fever Alert
  • Record tracking (Up to 100 records per profile)
  • Smart sharing
  • Reminder alarm


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Out of stock

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Android iThermie App

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iOS iThermie App


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*Support Apple Devices with iOS 7 to iOS 9.3.2 and not support iOS10.0 or above

Thermie – Smart Thermometer User Manual (english)

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What is the iThermie?

The iThermie is a highly accurate smart thermometer for monitoring body temperature. The iThermie is easily connected to your smart device through the headphone jack and controlled by the free iThermie app. By setting up your family members profile in the app, you can make iThermie to be your health companion by keeping track of temperature abnormalities of your loved ones.

Is the iThermie accurate?

The iThermie is designed to give the most accurate body temperature reading within ± 0.2°C

To get a reading from the forehead with minimum error, hold the device and make sure the sensor is no more than 1cm away from the forehead you are measuring. To get the most accurate reading from your ear, insert the tip of the sensor into the ear and hold steady until your Apple device vibrates and shows the temperature.

The following activities may alter the accuracy of body temperature readings and should be avoided at least 20 minutes before taking your temperature:

– Eating or drinking, no matter hot or cold

– Exercising

– Taking showers or bath

– Smoking

Does the iThermie work with my smartphone?

Apple iOS Device Compatibility

The iThermie supports Apple iOS devices running on iOS 7.0 or above.

For Apple device users, please make sure the iThermie is allowed to access your microphone in order to enable data transmission between iThermie and your Apple device. To check your settings, go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone.

Is the iThermie safe?

We have designed the iThermie to ensure that it is safe for individuals of all ages. Please read the user manual for more safety precautions and tips.

How Should I use the iThermie?

The iThermie is designed with user-friendly features and simple to use. To start with, download and open the iThermie app from the App Store. Simply plug the connector to the headphone jack of your Apple device. Select the measuring medium and you are good to go.

Please read the instruction manual for detailed instructions on using the iThermie.

The iThermie isn’t working?

Try the following steps if the iThermie is not detected by your Apple device.

  • Disconnect the iThermie with your Apple device and reconnect to the headphone jack.
  • Make sure the iThermie is securely connected to your Apple device’s headphone jack. Remove your case before connection if the connector is not plugged completely into the jack.
  • Clean out your Apple device’s headphone jack as well as the iThermie’s connector with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dust.
  • Make sure the battery is correctly installed to the iThermie. For detailed instruction on installing the battery and testing the power, please read the instruction manual.
  • The iThermie needs permission to use the microphone input in the headphone jack. Check on your Apple device’s setting to ensure that is enabled. (Settings → Privacy → Microphone)
  • Push the volume level of your smart device to the maximum level to give maximum power to the iThermie. If you have volume limits set on your Apple device, it won’t be able to read iThermie’s data. Check the volume levels in Settings → Music → Volume Control.
  • Under iOS Settings → Accessibility, make sure that you do not have “Mono audio” enabled.

Can I use other apps when iThermie is running?

Using other apps when the iThermie app is running will not cause any problem to your device. You don’t need to keep the iThermie app open to get alerts and notifications from the app. The screen will turn off as usual when the iThermie app is running in the background.

Can I make phone calls when iThermie is running?

No. The iThermie stops data transmission temporarily when someone calls in even though your ringtone can still be heard. If you don’t answer the call, the iThermie will continue running and record the data according to your instructions.

You won’t be able to hear and talk on phone with the iThermie is plugged in, even if you answer the phone call. If you wish to talk on phone, you must unplug the iThermie and plug it after your phone call is finished.

Can I switch between °F to °C

To switch between temperature units, open the iThermie app and go to Setting → Unit.

Why does iThermie change my device’s volume settings?

Range reads the temperature through your Apple device’s headphone jack. To do so accurately, it needs to have the headphone volume at maximum.

If you wish to return to your previous volume settings, simply unplug the iThermie.

If you adjust the volume while iThermie is plugged in, it will stop reading the temperature until you turn the volume back to maximum level.

How many times can I use iThermie with a single battery life?


The iThermie is designed to measure temperature for up to 4000 times with a single battery life.

Which means of temperature taking can I use?

The iThermie can be used on the forehead and in the ear. It is not recommended to eat or drink, exercise, smoke, take shower or bath or carry out any kinds of activity that may alter your body temperature 20 minutes before your take the reading.

Do I need to clean the iThermie?

Dusts or stains accumulated on the probe of the iThermie which may affect the accuracy of the temperature readings. Clean the probe with an alcohol swab before and after each measurement.

Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the body of the iThermie. Cleaning agents, thinners or benzene are not recommended for cleaning.



What temperatures can I use the iThermie?

The iThermie gives the most accurate reading within the range of 36°C to 39°C (96.8 °F~102.2 °F). Do not attempt to use the iThermie in medium with temperature outside the specified range or it may damage the sensor.

What else shall I pay attention to?

Do not place the iThermie near areas that are wet or attempt to submerge the iThermie in water.